The Perfect Operations Team (Launch 3)
About Your Coach
Monica Reynolds [More Info]
Monica Reynolds has trained more real estate assistants than anyone in the industry and has pioneered a unique method that gives them the tools and capabilities to improve their skills, be a profit center and an overall efficient team member.
Brindley Tucker [More Info]
Brindley Tucker unifies teams and helps agents increase leverage in their businesses. She is a licensed RealtorĀ® and MAPS coach specializing in Operations and Expansion HUBS. Brindley previously owned a successful real estate marketing and transaction management company where she closed over 2,000 real estate transactions. She gathered experience in building a successful transaction business from a self-funded, independent operation to a team of seven, in just three short years. This expertise now allows her to share her knowledge by assisting agents, brokers, and industry leaders to attract and retain top talent for their teams and offices.