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 Expansion Systems Orientation (ESO) will teach successful, productive agents how to consistently and predictably grow teams by expanding into additional Market Centers using proven models and systems. 

The audience for this course includes Agents seeking to learn more about whether and how to expand, Market Center Leadership (OP/TL/MCA/ALC) pursuing a better understanding of Expansion and their Market Center, and Agents who may be interested in working with an Expansion Team.

 This course will teach you

• Smart Expansion: When, Where, and With Whom to Expand
• Common Myths about Expansion
 • Applying Gary Keller's Business Snapshot to Broaden Your Focus
 • The Economics of Expansion 
• Building Your Organizational Model 
• Fueling Your Expansion with Massive Lead Generation
 • Essential Leadership Skills and Methods for a Multi-Location Business

Upcoming Classes
12:00 am - 12:00 amNovember 13 & 14
Baltimore, MD - ESO
December 4-5
Austin - ESO
December 4-5
Austin - ESO
December 11 & 12
Portland, OR - ESO