Expansion Summit 2017
 Expansion Summit 2017

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Welcome to the first annual Expansion Summit!

Expansion Summit

March 22
Registration/Check-in (7am - 8am)
Expansion Summit Day 1(8am - 6pm)
March 23
Expansion Summit Day 2 (8am - 12pm)

2017 Expansion Summit is a forum for high level business development discussions and presentations to grow your business and add to your personal and professional development where you are today and beyond! Hear from industry leaders, top producers, and Expansionists on Hub Systems, Attracting Talent, Lead Generation, Accountability, Technology and so much more. 

Key Hire Breakouts

March 23 (1pm - 5pm)

-Director of Operations
-Director of Lead Generation
-Director of Expansion
-Market Center Leadership
-Expansion Agent (Expansion Level Members ONLY)

Are you one of the above positions? Are you thinking of becoming one? Are you hiring for this role? Come to one of our half day intensive breakout sessions!

To register for our ESO Course (March 20-21) please go here
To register for our ESO Lite Instructor Certification (March 21) please go here